Welcome to the Harvard Club of Australia

After experienlowres_chairshots-0002cing the joys of studying in Cambridge, those amazing conversations with classmates and professors, walking along the Charles, around Harvard Yard and Harvard Square, you are now back in Australia. You can continue to experience those conversations and memories with like minded Harvard alumni also living in Australia. The Harvard Club of Australia is focused on making a difference as a Harvard community for our members, for Australia, and for Harvard. With chapters throughout the country, events are held at both a local and national virtual level. In 2019 alone we held more than 50 events nationally, with nearly 1500 members in attendance. Our members include those who have just graduated from the College to those who graduated 50 years ago, from full degree holders to those who have undertaken a short course. Whichever College, Graduate or Professional School you attended you are welcome at the Harvard Club of Australia.

The Harvard Club of Australia especially prides itself on its Scholarship Programs. Those of us who have had the privilege to attend Harvard know the opportunities that the knowledge and network has brought us. Our goal is to ensure as many Australians as possible can be so fortunate. They will benefit but so, importantly, will Australia. In 2019 alone we offered 69 scholarships, valued at $675,000 to attend a number of Harvard University Schools.

Whilst having fun our goal is to continue to educate ourselves, to help our community through mentoring and networking opportunities, and to encourage other Australians to experience the love of learning from Harvard University.

Please consider joining us and continuing to give back to the Australian and Harvard community. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Elizabeth Carr AM

President, Harvard Club of Australia