Making a tax deductible donation to Harvard

Donations by Australians direct to Harvard are not deductible against Australian income. We advise members to donate to the Harvard Club of Australia Foundation to obtain the benefit of an Australian tax deduction. Please follow the instructions below.


Donations under $1,000

Australian residents receive full Australian tax deductibility for donations to the Harvard Club of Australia (HCA) Foundation and the R G Menzies Scholarship to Harvard.

For Donations under $1000, please:

EFT to Harvard Club of Australia Inc.

Please send an email to: to notify and receive bank account details.

Please include your name and email details and the amount you wish to transfer. Once the payment is made, the donation will be forwarded to Perpetual Trustees Limited and a receipt issued as evidence of tax deductibility where the donation is above $500, or where a specific request for a receipt is made. Receipts are not required for tax deductibility for small donations.


Donations over $1,000

Donations over $1,000 can be made to the HCA Foundation managed by Perpetual Trustees Limited.
You can send funds by EFT or mail to the HCA Foundation by first sending an email to: We can then forward you the bank account details. 

Please include your name and email details and the amount you wish to transfer.

Donations may be posted to Perpetual Trustees Philanthropic Services;

Attention: Melissa Balomenos

PO Box 4172,

Sydney, NSW 2001

Please include your name and address so that the Foundation can issue a receipt to support tax deductibility. You may note your wishes as to how you would like the donation applied. We will negotiate your special directions for larger donations. Advise HCA Philanthropy Pty Ltd the details of your donation by email . As noted, the HCA Foundation is an item 2 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and cannot accept donations from Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) or a Prescribed Private Fund (PPF). 

Donations by Private Ancillary funds requiring Item 1 DGR deductibility

If the source of your donation is a PAF or a PPF, please send the donation to HCA R G Menzies Scholarship to Harvard, not to HCA Foundation.

The R.G. Menzies funds are administered by the Australian National University and gain DGR authority from the university. ANU is an Item 1 DGR and can receive from PAFs.      

The HCA Foundation, while also a DGR, is an Item 2 DGR, limited by its PAF status, in that the legislation prevents PPFs and PAFs donating to another PAF.

Donations to the Australian National University for the HCA R.G. Menzies Scholarship to Harvard

Donations specifically for the HCA R.G. Menzies Scholarship to Harvard may be made to the Australian National University. ANU is an item 1 DGR and can receive donations from PAF’s and PPF’s.

Donations may be made to The Australian National University by EFT:

Account Name: ANU Gift Account

BSB:  012-950 (ANZ)

AccountL 837 540 658

To request a tax receipt, please email HERE

You may also post a cheque payable to the Australian National University to:

Tracey Guest

Senior Scholarship Officer (Philanthropic) 

Division of Student Administration

Di Riddell Student Centre,

Building 154,

The Australian National University,


ACT 2601

Phone :  +61 2 6125 9565 and email  

Please send your donation accompanied by a letter specifying that the donation is to be made to the Robert Gordon Menzies Fund Number E54970RG "Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarships". Residents of the United States may donate to the Menzies Fund at Harvard University. Please see instructions outlined below. 

Directing your gift to Harvard Business School R.G. Menzies scholars

Please direct your gift to the “Menzies Business School Scholarship, Fund Number E54970 RG01 "HBS MBA Scholarships"

Recognition in Class Giving

Harvard Business School acknowledges donations to HCA Foundation as part of reunion class gifts. The USD equivalent being recorded against donors' names in Harvard's Business School’s Contributors report published annually.

Please email with details of your gift and the specific class and section you wish it to be directed to. As at 2023 this process is administered by Michael Garrity contact via email

Donations by US taxpayers to Harvard University

US residents may donate directly to Harvard if they wish using the instructions available on the Harvard website for alumni – The “allocation” should say “625-625175 Menzies Scholarship Fund” or “Harvard Club of Australia Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship Fund”. Donors are strongly encouraged to send an email to Rebecca Bauer Lock indicating their name and the fact of their gift, which will allow Harvard to track the gift into the appropriate fund with a copy to HCA.


What better way to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit future generations?

Consider incorporating a provision in your will or by making a codicil to your will, so as to make a bequest to the Harvard Club of Australia Foundation with any specific directions as to how the bequest should be applied.