1636                Harvard University founded

1840                Global Harvard Alumni Association created

1961                Harvard Club of Australia founded

1967                RG Menzies Post-Graduate Scholarship inaugurated

1976                Chair of Australian Studies established at Harvard as a gift of Australian government to recognise American bicentennial

1993                First annual tour Downunder by Harvard Krokodiloes

1998                Program for Leaders commenced in conjunction with HBS faculty

2001                Non-Profit Fellowship Program initiated, supported by Bill & Lea Ferris

2003                HCA Foundation & HCA Philanthropy formalise endowment

2003                Perpetual Trustees appointed to manage HCA Foundation

2004                Australia-Harvard Fellowship researcher exchange started 

2006                Non-profit Leaders Workshop started as adjunct to Program for Leaders   

2010                Harvard Club of Victoria established

2010                Chair of Australian Studies renamed the Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser Professor in Australian Studies

2010                Roberta Sykes Indigenous Scholarship introduced

2012                Public Service Scholarship initiated, supported by patron Sir James Wolfensohn

2010                HBS Class of 1970 initiates 10-year giving program in support of RG Menzies Scholarship fund

2012                Clive Gard Scholarship created to honour long-time Club administrator

2012                High School Principal Scholarship commenced

2017                HCA awarded Harvard International Club of the Year

2017                Year-long Strategic Review launches the next era

2017                50th Anniversary of RG Menzies Scholarship event with PM Malcolm Turnbull

2017                20th Anniversary of Program for Leaders

2019                First Health Professionals Workshop in conjunction with Harvard School of Public Health

2020                Inaugural Principals Centre in Australia in conjunction with Harvard Graduate School of Education


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