2025 Australia-Harvard Fellowships

Awards for Researchers and Educators in Biosciences and Medicine

Applications for 2025 awards close on 30 September 2024


Australia-Harvard Fellowships are offered by the Harvard Club of Australia Foundation (The Foundation) supporting learned exchange between Harvard University and Australia

These Fellowships are aimed at creative scientists normally based at Harvard who have a persuasive plan for collaborative work in Australia with Australia’s best bioscience researchers and educators. The award also supports Australian researchers who wish to follow-up joint initiatives at Harvard.


The Foundation seeks to attract applicants whose work will bring clear benefit to Australia as well as Harvard. The Foundation normally envisages a working visit of several months, during which it encourages Fellows to interact widely including with educators and students. Some senior applicants favour a shorter visit, but one that enables them to take a primary role in a symposium or instructional course open to numbers of Australians. Another option is the opportunity to undertake longer studies, for example, of sabbatical duration. 

The Foundation especially values applicants who can demonstrate strong potential for ‘break-through’ impacts resulting from their collaborations and where its contribution may be seen as ‘seed capital’ for superior innovations. 

Australia-based applicants become eligible when they can demonstrate significant value in working at Harvard with a former Fellow from Harvard and have the intention to bring advances back to their Australian institutions.

Australia-Harvard Fellowship grants are donated to eligible Australian institutions which administer the funds on standard terms. 

Who should apply?

Mid-career and senior Harvard-based researchers intending collaborative work in Australia.

Also, Australian counterparts planning collaborative follow-ups at Harvard.

Our scope for Fellowship awards is narrowed to researchers and educators in biosciences and medicine. We seek applicants who:

  • are normally based at Harvard University or one of its closely affiliated institutions;
  • have links with scientific and medical research and/or education activities in Australia;
  • were awarded their Ph.D. (or qualification of equal rigor) before 2021;
  • alternatively, are Australia-based and seek funding to visit Harvard to follow up their collaborations with previously incoming Australia-Harvard Fellows.

Further details of Australia-Harvard Fellowships can be found on Harvard Club of Australia’s website HERE or email 


CLOSE:  Applications for 2025 awards close on 30 September 2024 

AHF aims to notify applicants by end-December 2024


Secretary, Harvard Club of Australia Foundation Fellowships