Why Leaders' Emotional Intelligence Matters for Innovation? 

  Delivering innovation through disruptive technologies has become the proven industry practice with the proliferation of internet.  Advent of technologies has not just fuelled innovation, it also has altered the landscape of talent management. 


Organizations compete to hire scarce talent, and their retention is critical for transformation and business competitiveness. The current era demands leaders with exceptional social intelligence, among other leadership qualities to harness talent potential. At the same time, creating a high-performing team culture is essential for delivering innovation at scale.


Today’s workforce demands, not just engagement, but consideration of inputs and autonomy to deliver outcomes. The panel discussion would have a focus on the following aspects; 

  • Why leaders emotional and social intelligence skills matter for employee engagement? 
  • How do these skills differentiate in delivering innovation?
  • What are the key attributes for leaders to embrace? 

Coaching and Coachability for continued learning?

  • What are the measurable benefits and how are they relevant for organizational growth?


The panel will be moderated by:

  • John Paul (JP) – Investment Banker and Entrepreneur. In addition to moderation, JP would share his perspectives on the disciplines of innovation. 
  • Dr Gisela Mautner – CEO/MD (Harvard Alumni) of NOXOPHARM would share insights on leaders EI and trust in retaining talent for innovation and growth from her own experiences.
  • Andy Sutton (General Manager – Advanced Analytics) from Endeavour Group, who led a large-scale transformation would discuss on the intersection of technology and team’s empowerment.   
  • Prakash Rajen – Independent Researcher and member of International Society of Emotional Intelligence (ISEI), would share research insights on Teams EI and the significance of Leaders engagement and diversity scores for innovation.  

Please join us to hear more on the leadership approaches for delivering innovation at scale. 

Date: July 25th, 2024 

Time: 12 – 1.30 pm 

This event is free for HCA members and their guests.