Success Factors in Building a Winning Career with Bill Cowan, AM

DATE: Thursday, 13th June

TIME: 12.30 pm (AEST) 10.30 am Perth


We welcome Club members and guests to join a mid-week Zoom event titled: “Success Factors in Building a Winning Career” with Bill Cowan, AM on Thursday 13 June at 12.30pm Sydney (10.30am Perth). This is a free event for all, but you must register to receive the Zoom link.

 In his session with us, he will be covering a range of topics related to building your career.  Bill will explain that many of the life skills you need to build your career are not taught at school or university.  And, as a result, many individuals fail to reach their potential. 

Bill is well placed as a distinctive expert in this field – after graduating HBS with high distinction, he has spent 30+ years in senior corporate leadership positions. He has held Board Chairman roles in public and private companies, including a number of Not-for-Profit organisations.

In addition to his executive roles, Bill has provided career coaching to over 1,000 professionals across the globe. He is a master at helping people to build their careers. He is passionate about helping everyone, whether they be graduates or senior executives, to build more successful careers and to reach their full potential. 

He has structured and formalized his coaching process. He has set out this rigorous process in his book, Building a Winning Career. The book is now selling worldwide and is receiving outstanding reviews. His most recent podcast is:  Preparing Yourself to Manage Your Job Search in the Most Effective Way.