Manly Sea Wall - a walk and coffee

When: Saturday 2nd March, 9 am

Meet: at the end of Bower Lane, Manly (Fairy Bower Beach)


Join Prof Melanie Bishop, Macquarie University and co-founder of Living Seawalls, for this viewing and information session on Living Seawalls. 

Living Seawalls is revolutionising the way we build in the ocean. Using 3D printing technology, they have developed modular habitat units to revive marine life on constructions. Seawalls, pilings and pontoons are increasingly hardening our shorelines, but have flat, featureless surfaces that lack the holes and crevices needed to protect marine life against predation and environmental stress. Living Seawalls modules provide the 3D geometries of  natural habitat features such as rockpools, crevices and ledges. When added to new or existing constructions, modules can triple the biodiversity of flat surfaces, and increase seaweed growth by 98%. Living Seawalls have been installed at 23 sites, in Australia, Gibraltar, Singapore, Wales, England and Peru – with 9 new installations in 2023 alone. The approach, initially developed for seawalls has in 2023 been expanded to pilings and revetments. The Fairy Bower Living Seawalls was commissioned by Northern Beaches Council in late 2021 during repair works to the ocean pool. 

During this morning session you will have the chance to learn more about the Living Seawalls story and view the Fairy Bower Living Seawall up close. Our visit will conincide with low tide so we can view the panels when after water, but if you would like to inspect these closely please wear clothes then can get wet in case of splash and spray.

Living Seawalls provides a template for ecofriendly marine construction.

About Melanie:
Prof Melanie Bishop, Macquarie University
Melanie has over 15 years of experience as a marine ecologist and leads a nationally and internationally respected team in the Department of Biological Sciences of 15 researchers from seven countries. Melanie is a past recipient of a NSW Scientist of the Year Award and a Young Tall Poppy Science Award Winner.


This is a free event, but please register HERE so we can notify you of our meeting place and of any changes.