Despite our intelligence and education, many of us ask ourselves, “I am ‘smart’. Why am I not more successful?” Some others ask, "I am already successful. How can I become even more successful? After 10 years of digging, Ram found 16 factors that influence the success of highly intelligent people. During this thought-provoking talk, he’ll share these factors and provide game-changing insights supported by assessment data as to why this happens, and how we individually can become more successful.

If you register, you will get a personalized report identifying your enablers and disablers for free.

Ram has been featured in dozens of magazines including Money, Fortune, CIO and CFO. He has spoken to the alumni clubs of Harvard, Wharton, Brown, Chicago, MIT, Michigan and other top schools.

All club members from all disciplines are invited to this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights to become more successful. This is free online event which in the spirit of our Ivy League community will be extended to other clubs.