VISIT TO WearOptima

QLD Speaker Event with Mark Kendall




Hosted by member Mark Kendall, club members are invited to visit WearOptimo, a Queensland based pioneer in the world of medical wearables. Professor Mark Kendall is a biomedical engineer, inventor, scientist, entrepreneur and business-builder with more than 25 years’ experience in creating medical technologies to tackle key global health challenges. Companies licensing/advancing his patents/technologies have created a combined economic value of more than $2 billion for investors. Mark was a visiting professor at Harvard during 2015 and is founder and CEO of WearOptimo, which is leading the way in data driven wearables monitoring body functions such as dehydration and heart disease.


WearOptimo is pioneering a healthtech platform that uses a range of wearable sensors with microscopic electrodes that painlessly penetrate just the outer skin layer to measure biomarkers in real time and detect conditions from dehydration to cardiac arrest. Instead of sitting on the skin’s surface, micro-electrodes on WearOptimo’s next-generation wearables reach a hair’s width into the epidermis, to tap into biomarkers that surface-based products can’t measure. Beyond hydration, they have the potential to replace frequent blood tests and invasive implantable monitors, among other key applications.


WearOptimo has ongoing strategic and investment support from the Australian National University, and grants from the Federal and Queensland governments. Also, WearOptimo has recently welcomed further investors: announcing in late 2022 its successful first close of an additional $5 million of investment into the company. The company is currently working on plans for a pilot plant in Queensland where it can scale up to produce up to 20 million microwearables.


This visit will copy the formula of previous Alumni visits with an early morning start, a light breakfast and a tour and presentation. Numbers will be restricted. Financial members and immediate guests a priority!


•        Friday May 5th  7.15 for 7.30 start, finish by 9.15 am

•        Location – 2 Heaslop Street, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102, Australia. On-street parking is available.

•        Numbers will be limited

•        A light breakfast will be served on arrival

•        Open to members and their guests.


There will be no charge for this event, but please register HERE to provide your name and contact details.