As Harvard Club of Australia enters the year of its 60th anniversary, we have many, new and exciting events planned. 2022 events will be based around the themes developed as a result of last year’s members survey. Those themes are Knowledge Sharing, Professional Development, Social Fellowship and Networking. Some events will be presented as a series linking a number of different but common topics. Plus an extra focus in 2022 will be on events that celebrate our 60th anniversary.

We will endeavour to have as many live events as possible, but some will be a hybrid of live and virtual, so that we can make them available to all our members nationally, and continue to attract speakers from around Australia and from overseas. We also want to ensure that participants can interact and network at these events as much as possible, as was requested in the survey.

Old favourites such as Monday Club, President’s Drinks, the Non Profit Awards lunch, Global Networking Nights, HBS Information sessions, Thanksgiving Dinner, and theatre and arts will return. Our 60th year celebrations will include a gala dinner and a weekend in Canberra. 

And we plan the return of some live events which have not been possible in 2021, such as Dinner Club and Seasonal drinks (Happy Hour). Sharona Coutts is taking some time off next year, so these dinners and drinks events will be organised by Sarah Tesar.

We will re-introduce the mentoring program after a year’s absence. Sunny Lee will be organising this with interested mentors and mentees.

Some of the event series beginning in February and March will include; 

  • A sports series, run by Tim Ford, will feature well known Australian sportspeople addressing issues of leadership and culture in their respective sports.
  • Professional Journeys, run by Ken Anand, which will be industry specific events, and will incorporate a talk by an eminent person in that particular sector followed by an opportunity for participants  to network with others from that industry.
  • Masterclasses run by Melinda Muth, who organises the Leadership and Non Profit Program each year. These will address a number of the mega trends facing countries and individuals today.
  • A book club series with a number of current authors from Harvard and elsewhere run by Graham Bradley
  • Entrepreneurial Journeys, run by Alex Ovchar, who has now returned to Sydney from New York.  He will present  a series of  events with entrepreneurs, who have made it and are making it.
  • An art series with events hosted in galleries by prominent names from the art world. This was originally planned  by Tempe Macgowan for last year. This series will cover the ever-shifting trends of the art market, buying contemporary art and the secondary market, and how auctions really work.
  • A number of outdoors activities, such as walks to explore interesting places and picnics for the whole family, will be organised by Ada Lo.

We hope that our program will offer members many opportunities for learning, professional and personal development and social fellowship. We encourage all members to attend as many of the events as possible.

David Pumphrey
Vice President,  For Members