Caroline Kennedy confirmed as next US Ambassador to Australia

The daughter of John  F Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy has been announced as the next US ambassador to Australia . Kennedy was born in 1957, three years before her father was elected president and spent some of her formative years in the White House. 

After studying in exclusive schools in New York and Massachusetts, Kennedy worked as an intern at the New York Daily News and in the office of her uncle, the Democratic Senator, Ted Kennedy A graduate of the Radcliffe College at Harvard University, Kennedy worked as a research assistant at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. it was there she met her husband the designer and artist, Edward Schlossberg. 


Hockey who met Kennedy during  his time as US Ambassador, describes her as a "highly impressive individual", adding that her close ties to  Biden would serve the US-Australia alliance well." 

edited from Sydney Morning Herald article, 17th December 2021