Harvard Student Agencies is a nonprofit, 100% student-run business with over 60 years of history that helps Harvard students learn the ropes of business and management while providing quality services and goods to thousands of customers. HSA Tutoring, founded in 2006, is one of the subsidiary agencies in the educational sector and we employ over 100 Harvard students tutors every year to work with students from around the world--many of whom are then encouraged and enabled to attend top institutions! Our revenue goes toward paying our student managers, tutors, and contributing to the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative--truly paving the way for more generations of Harvard students to learn, challenge themselves, and thrive.

Our experienced tutors cover most academic subjects (across math, reading, science, history, foreign languages, etc) as well as college coaching (SAT/ACT test prep, essay writing, interview practice). All of our tutoring is currently being offered remotely, with a flexible meeting schedule customized by the tutor and student, and you can visit our website to sign up.  If you have further questions, feel free to email us at tutoring@hsa.net or grab a quick consultation with us! We are also currently offering steep 21% discounts on those starting tutoring packages this summer--please contact us for the code.