Our recent member surveys identified that members would like more professional, business and social networking opportunities and events covering innovation. We are now happy to announce three new series that will be coming your way soon.

 1. Entrepreneurial Journeys
This series is designed to give members an insight into innovative ideas that are being financed by start up investments and venture capital and the entrepreneurs and investors who have originated them. We will invite Australian ( maybe others as well) entrepreneurs and investors based here and overseas to present their journeys to launch their innovations and the trends they are seeing in their world. The series will begin with an event in May and will be followed by two or three more later in the year. Alex Ovchar, who recently joined us as a member in New York where he is currently based as a Director of Pacific Equity Partners, will facilitate this series by Zoom with a fireside chat that allows time for Q&A with participants.

 2.  Professional Journeys
 In response to members wanting professional networking opportunities, we are launching this series where an industry leader in a particular sector speaks to us about their leadership journey in that industry and how they built relationships along the way, whilst dealing with current and future trends.  Each event will be facilitated by a senior professional in the industry, with a Harvard connection wherever possible. The presentation will be delivered live by the industry leader and the facilitator, with Zoom for those not in the city where the event is taking place. After the presentation there will be a live networking opportunity for those attending the event in person with the presenter and facilitator present. We are planning the initial events in June and August with financial services and professional services being the first two industries to be  featured. These will be followed by one or two more later in the year.  Club Member Ken Anand is organising this series.

 3.  Social Fellowship

  Social and business networking featured strongly in members’ requests. With that in mind we will be organising live events in interestingand hospitable venues to allow members and guests to network in a relaxed and welcoming environment. The events will celebrate the seasons to allow for various themes to be included. This year the first event will be Winter Drinks in July and the second will be Spring Drinks in November. This series is being organised by Club Member Sharona Coutts.