Harvard Alumni for Global Women's Empowerment

Harvard GlobalWE invites students, alumni, and friends to their 4th Annual Student/Alumni Roundtable discussion on Sunday, February 21st, 12:00-1:15pm ET (Monday 22nd Feburary 3am AEST) via Zoom. This year, we will have a timely dialogue on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of women. This event is hosted in collaboration with Harvard Alumni for Fashion, Luxury, & Retail and Harvard W3D: Women in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development.

We are pleased to welcome the following panelists to the roundtable: Harvard undergraduate Amanda Stickels, digital teamwork expert and author Erica Dhawan, and social advocate and human rights defender Zuleika Yusuf Daffalla. Through their unique perspectives, these panelists will share how the pandemic has brought change to their communities as well as to their educational, professional, and personal journeys. The discussion will be moderated by Harvard GlobalWE board member Lindsay Laguna.

This event will provide an opportunity for you both to hear from the panelists and to discuss this topic in small groups.


Sajida H. Shroff

President, Harvard Alumni for Global Women's Empowerment

2020 Winner of Harvard Alumni Association's Club and Shared Interest Groups Outstanding Alumni Community Award



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