Professor Tsedal Neeley

30 March 2021

9 am Sydney time (via Zoom)

Registration Fee (includes a copy of the book) - $100


Masterclass is open to all members of HCA and those who registered for the now deferred 2021 Leadership Programs (Program for Leaders and Non-Profit Leadership Program)


HBS Professor Tsedal Neeley is a leading expert in virtual and global work best practices.  Her latest book ‘Remote Work Revolution’ will be released on 31 March 2021.  She was meant to present on our annual Program for Leaders in 2021.  Because that is not possible, Tsedal has agreed to deliver a masterclass for club members based on her new book:

Remote Work Revolution

The rapid and unprecedented changes brought on by Covid-19 have forced companies to rapidly advance their digital footprint, using cloud, storage, cybersecurity, and device tools to accommodate their new remote workforce.

Experiencing the benefits of remote working—including nonexistent commute times, lower operational costs, and a larger pool of global job applicants—many companies, including Twitter and Google, plan to permanently incorporate remote days or give employees the option to work from home full-time. But virtual work has it challenges. Employees feel lost, isolated, out of sync, and out of sight. They want to know how to build trust, maintain connections without in-person interactions, and a proper work/life balance. Managers want to know how to lead virtually, how to keep their teams motivated, what digital tools they’ll need, and how to keep employees productive.

Providing compelling, evidence-based answers to these and other pressing issues, Remote Work Revolution is essential for navigating the enduring challenges teams and managers face. Filled with specific actionable steps, original illustrations and interactive tools, this timely book will help team members deliver results previously out of reach. Following Neeley’s advice, employees will be able to break through routine norms to successfully use remote work to benefit themselves, their groups, and ultimately their organizations.



About Tsedal:


Tsedal Neeley is an award-winning professor in the Organization Behavior unit at the Harvard Business School. Prior to her academic career, Professor Neeley spent ten years working for companies like Lucent Technologies and The Forum Corporation in various areas including strategy for global customer experience, helping to shape her work which focuses on the effects of globalization on organizations and their employees. Learn more about her at www.tsedal.com. You can also follow her on Twitter: @tsedal.



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