Global Networking Event

October 21st at 7.30am AEST - SAVE THE DATE

Registrations open soon

The Harvard Business School is running its Global Networking event virtually this year.  There will be a tpresentation on 

"The Future of Work—and Managing the Impact of COVID" with Professor Joseph Fuller and Professor William Kerr and the live stream of this event will occur at 7.30am AEST on 21st Ocotber. More details to follow.


  • Understanding the many forces of change influencing the future of work: the rise of the gig economy, increasing automation, care burdens, rise of inequality, and skills gap

  • The impact of COVID-19 on these forces

  • How business leaders can prepare to manage the future in

    the new normal

Joseph B. Fuller

 Professor of Management Practice 

Twitter @josephBFuller

William R. Kerr

Dimitri V. D'Arbeloff - MBA Class of 1955 Professor of Business Administration

Twitter @william_r_kerr